How to connect a blockchain network

Register a network on the Chain Registry

Orchestrate provides the Chain Registry API to register Blockchain networks. Orchestrate is compatible with all Ethereum (EVM) based blockchain networks.

Each time a new network is registered, Orchestrate automatically starts a transaction listener that processes transactions receipts being mined on the blockchain network.

To register a new blockchain network you need to provide:

  • name for the network
  • urls of, at least, one JSON-RPC endpoint of an Ethereum node in the network
  • transaction listener configuration

See API reference for detailed specification to register a network.

JSON-RPC blockchain proxy

Orchestrate acts as a proxy for all connected networks, in particular it makes JSON-RPC endpoints acessible through a single endpoint.

When registering a new network, Orchestrate allows to pass multiple JSON-RPC urls, in which case Orchestrate blockchain proxy will also act as a load balancer.