# How to configure a Faucet

PegaSys Orchestrate allows you to configure a pre-funded account to be used as a faucet for yours users accounts. For doing so you will need the account to be used as a faucet to be pre-funded and registered on the Key Vault.


Check the Account Management section to know how to create or import an account.

Configure your faucet using the Chain Registry by sending a POST request to /faucets on your Chain Registry API. The following controllers are available for configuration to avoid malicious use of the service:

  • Blacklist: list of malicious accounts that wont be allowed to use the Faucet Service;
  • Cooldown: a lapse of time to be waited before crediting an account for a consecutive time;
  • Max: a maximum balance of an account for it to be credited.


Check the Chain Registry API documentation if you want to know more on faucet configuration.