Transaction Decoder configuration


Tx-Decoder is an Orchestrate worker responsible for:

  • Decoding raw events logs from transactions into a human readable mapping of strings.

It consumes messages from tx-decoder kafka topic and publishes to tx-decoded kafka topic.


Configure application

The application can be configured through flags or environment variables, you can run the help run command line.

  orchestrate tx-decoder run [flags]

      --disable-external-tx                 Boolean: skip all tx that are not sent directly by Orchestrate
                                            Environment variable: "DISABLE_EXTERNAL_TX"
      --eth-client-url strings              Ethereum client url
                                            Environment variable: "ETH_CLIENT_URL"
  -h, --help                                help for run
      --kafka-group string                  Address of Kafka server to connect to.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_GROUP" (default "group-e2e")
      --kafka-tls-ca-cert-file string       CA cert file Path.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_TLS_CA_CERT_FILE"
      --kafka-tls-client-cert-file string   Client Cert File Path.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_TLS_CLIENT_CERT_FILE"
      --kafka-tls-client-key-file string    Client key file Path.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_TLS_CLIENT_KEY_FILE"
      --kafka-tls-enabled                   Whether or not to use TLS when connecting to the broker (defaults to false).
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_TLS_ENABLED"
      --kafka-tls-insecure-skip-verify      Controls whether a client verifies the server's certificate chain and host name. If InsecureSkipVerify is true, TLS accepts any certificate presented by the server and any host name in that certificate. In this mode, TLS is susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. This should be used only for testing.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_TLS_INSECURE_SKIP_VERIFY"
      --kafka-url strings                   URL (addresses) of Kafka server(s) to connect to.
                                            Environment variable: "KAFKA_URL" (default [localhost:9092])
      --topic-tx-decoded string             Kafka topic for messages which receipt has been decoded
                                            Environment variable: "TOPIC_TX_DECODED" (default "topic-tx-decoded")
      --topic-tx-decoder string             Kafka topic for envelopes waiting for their receipt decoded
                                            Environment variable: "TOPIC_TX_DECODER" (default "topic-tx-decoder")


♦ Default values can be changed by using environment variables.

♦ Environment variables will be overwritten by Flags values.