PegaSys Orchestrate, Transaction Orchestration System

What is PegaSys Orchestrate?

Orchestrate is a blockchain Transaction Orchestration System that abstracts blockchain complexity and can operate multiple chains simultaneously. It provides production grade and agnostic mechanisms for transaction crafting, nonce management, transaction signing, transaction receipt listening and decoding, faucet and more.

Orchestrate is a Plug & Play component, meaning this that a user only needs to send a business protobuf message to Orchestrate input topic. Orchestrate then manages the full life cycle of the transaction from crafting the transaction to decoding event logs data.

Orchestrate target users are Solutions Architects, Developers, Integrators and Operations Engineers developing, deploying and scaling a blockchain solution.

What are PegaSys Orchestrate features?

Orchestrate offers production-grade enterprise features to connect to any blockchain network. Working as a middle layer to connect your business application to a blockchain network it offers numerous features, such as:

  • Transaction crafting and decoding: register Solidity smart contract ABIs, automatically craft transactions and decode transaction receipts & events;
  • Transaction nonce management: set transactions nonce automatically, avoid Nonce too high scenario;
  • Transaction and Event listening: process mined transactions’ receipts;
  • Faucet: get accounts credited with Ether and protects against DOS attacks;
  • Blockchain state reading: read blockchain state data;
  • External transaction signing & Key storage: store keys in HashiCorp Vault, HSM, external custody services or in in-browser wallets;
  • External Private Transaction Signature on Besu-Orion and Quorum-Tessera.
  • Interoperability: operate multiple blockchain networks, support all blockchain protocols, bridges “Atomic” transactions between networks, relay side chain header on mainnet;
  • Transaction Recovery;
  • Data attestation: store any type of data with proof of blockchain anchoring, aggregate data in Merkle-Trees;
  • P2P Messaging: transfer data and documents, with a fine grained permission access;
  • Multi cloud: run on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform;

… and everything you need to be sure that your transactions will be properly orchestrated during its whole life cycle.

Which Ethereum clients are supported by PegaSys Orchestrate?

Orchestrate supports the following Ethereum clients: