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You are reading Codefi Orchestrate development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Codefi Orchestrate

Orchestrate is a commercially licensed Ethereum transaction orchestration system. Orchestrate abstracts blockchain complexity and can support multiple chains simultaneously.

Orchestrate enables organizations to build on any Ethereum network by providing functionality to manage multiple chains, public and private transactions, smart contracts, and private keys.

Orchestrate manages the full life cycle of the transaction from crafting the transaction to decoding event logs data.

Is Orchestrate part of ConsenSys Codefi?

Yes. ConsenSys Codefi is a blockchain application suite for commerce and finance, built to optimize business processes and digitize financial instruments. Orchestrate is an use-case agnostic component of ConsenSys Codefi.

Key features

Orchestrate key features include:

  • Transaction management
  • Account management
  • Smart contract management
  • Chain management
  • High availability
  • Multi-tenancy.

Which Ethereum clients does Orchestrate support?

Orchestrate is client-agnostic and can connect to multiple Ethereum clients.

Who uses Orchestrate?

Orchestrate can benefit anyone developing, deploying, and scaling blockchain solutions. This includes solutions architects, developers, integrators, and operations engineers.

Where do I get Orchestrate?

Orchestrate is available free of charge for a trial period.

To learn more about how Orchestrate can enable your business to build on the Ethereum network, contact us.

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