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You are reading Codefi Orchestrate development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Updated on October 29, 2021

Codefi Orchestrate

Orchestrate is an Ethereum transaction orchestration system. Use Orchestrate to reduce the time and cost to develop enterprise solutions. Orchestrate abstracts away the technical complexities of building Blockchain applications.

Use Orchestrate to ensure the security and reliability of your blockchain solution as you move from development to production.

Orchestrate is a platform developed under the BSL 1.1 license and written in Go.

Key features

Orchestrate key features include:

  • Transaction management

    Build your application on a robust system that handles end-to-end blockchain transaction requirements. From gas and nonce management to transaction signing, sending, listening, event streaming, and receipt decoding.

  • Transaction sentry

    Configure your transactions to automatically resubmit themselves to ensure mining execution.

  • Account management

    Create accounts to sign off on Ethereum transactions, meta-transactions, on-chain data, off-chain data, and data for Zero-Knowledge Proof technologies. Assign business identifiers to manage accounts and attach specific metadata.

  • Smart contract management

    Push and version your smart contracts to the Orchestrate contract registry so you can deploy any instance on any blockchain, and decode transaction logs without additional complexity.

  • Faucet management

    The Orchestrate faucet service pre-funds your business accounts with Ether to ensure seamless workflows.

Which Ethereum clients does Orchestrate support?

Orchestrate is client-agnostic and can connect to any Ethereum client or third party Blockchain provider. Orchestrate supports connection to the Ethereum mainnet, testnets or any private Ethereum Blockchain.

We recommend Hyperledger Besu, GoQuorum or Infura.

Is Orchestrate part of ConsenSys Codefi?

Yes. ConsenSys Codefi is a blockchain application suite for commerce and finance, built to optimize business processes and digitize financial instruments.

Orchestrate is an use-case agnostic component of ConsenSys Codefi. Use Orchestrate to reduce the development time of your solution regardless of your use-case.

ConsenSys has acquired Quorum from J.P. Morgan. Please read the FAQ.
Questions or feedback? You can obtain paid professional support by Consensys at [email protected]