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You are reading Codefi Orchestrate development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Updated on October 14, 2020

Orchestrate Release Notes

v21.12.0 (2021-12-16)

🆕 Features

  • Support for username as additional constraint to control access over resources. Impersonation would be allowed only via API-KEY.
  • Support for nested tenants in custom claims, for example tenant tenantOne:groupOne:subGroupOne will have access to resources owned by tenantOne and tenantOne:groupOne and tenantOne:groupOne:subGroupOne would be able to impersonate same tenants.
  • Support Token Issuer Servers to validate JWTs. Environment variable AUTH_JWT_ISSUER_URL
  • Support for new transaction pricing mechanism (eip-1559)
  • Support for go-quorum privacy privacy enhancements: privacyFlags, mandatoryFor
  • Support for go-quorum private transaction with optional privateFrom.
  • Integration of Quorum Key Manager as replacement of Orchestrate Key Manager service
  • Attach contract name and tag into transaction receipts when bytecode matches to one of the registered contracts.
  • Attach contract information into transaction receipts on every new contract deployment and contract events.
  • Quorum Key Manager StoreID can be defined on every account creation.


  • Orion was removed in favor of EEA as PrivateTxManager in chain APIs
  • Following ETH transaction properties types has been BigInt updated:
    • value expects an HEX value prefix by “0x” instead of BigInt string.
    • gasPrice expects an HEX value prefix by “0x” instead of BigInt string.
    • nonce expects an uint64 instead of Integer string.
    • gas expects an uint64.
  • Following Faucet request params has been modified:
    • amount expects an HEX value prefix by “0x” instead of BigInt string.
    • maxBalance expects an HEX value prefix by “0x” instead of BigInt string.
  • In case of empty Orchestrate custom claims, token subject sub is used as tenant_id:username.
  • Command migration init is merged into migration up.
  • In case of empty Orchestrate custom claims token subject, sub is used as tenant_id.
  • Removed endpoints /accounts/{address}/sign and /accounts/{address}/verify-signature in favor of /accounts/{address}/sign-message and /accounts/verify-message accordingly to EIP-191 standards
  • Removed support of zk-snarks account in favor of Quorum Key Manager implementation

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Removed warning log removed when the events of the receipt are not found in the contract registry
  • Fix contract deployment bug where arguments of the constructor are not parsed correctly

v21.1.13 (2021-12-14)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Commit the offset to Kafka broker every time a message is processed

v21.1.12 (2021-11-23)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Migrations fail when key-manager is disabled
  • Key Manager fails with incorrect error code when key-manager is disabled

v21.1.11 (2021-11-23)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Tx-sender exits updating jobs already in final status
  • Tx-sender does not send message on tx-recover topic when there are persistent connectivity issues with RPC nodes

v21.1.10 (2021-10-28)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Transaction priority is applied as expected
  • Sender is not funded in raw transactions

v21.1.9 (2021-10-21)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Incorrect server name verification using Postgres in verify-ca mode
  • Tx-sender exits sending Tessera private transaction with invalid ‘from’
  • Added logging in key-manager microservice

v21.1.8 (2021-08-25)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Wrong tenant assigment when API_KEY was not defined
  • Missing decoded logs in kafka receipts for private contract events

v21.1.7 (2021-07-06)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Database overload querying for registered chains

v21.1.6 (2021-06-25)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Incorrect transition to FAILED status on rpc node connectivity issues
  • Tx-listener do not exit when it fails to fetch private receipt from Besu node

v21.1.5 (2021-06-02)

🆕 Features

  • Support for metadata on chains

v21.1.4 (2021-04-07)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Signing and verifying payload for zk-snarks accounts
  • Hexadecimal string validation for signing endpoints

v21.1.3 (2021-04-07)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Renew token with the Vault Agent where the Key Manager is watching “VAULT_TOKEN_FILE”. The Key Manager supports plaintext token and wrapped-token
  • Metric value for job status update CREATED to STARTED
  • Improve Tx Listener performance to update transaction status to MINED

v21.1.2 (2021-02-25)

🆕 Features

  • New environment variable, KAFKA_NUM_CONSUMERS, to launch multiple kafka consumer in tx-sender
  • Support for new Postgres setting DB_POOL_TIMEOUT
  • Major API and DB performance improvements

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Prevent unnecessary HTTP retries on internal API calls

v21.1.1 (2021-02-19)

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Hanging issue during synchronization from block 0
  • Tx-listener crashes on heavy load over API
  • Import identities from connected KeyManager Vault
  • Fail to send raw transaction with not empty data field


  • Rename deprecated naming from application metrics orchestrate_transaction_scheduler_* to orchestrate_api_*

v21.1.0 (2021-01-25)

🆕 Features

Orchestrate simplification

  • Merge all previous APIs into a single service: orchestate-api, encapsulating every individual previous API services
  • Merge tx-crafter and tx-signer into the tx-sender worker to reduce maintenance complexity
  • Support usage of in-memory as storage for Nonce Manager

Identity Management API

  • Release the Identity API on top of the orchestate-api, allowing dynamic CRUD operation over accounts whose keys are stored in Vault
  • Integrate Orchestrate HashiCorp Vault plugin to enhance security

Metrics & logging

  • Add application metrics:
    • orchestrate_transaction_scheduler_job_latency_seconds: Histogram of job latency between status (second). Except PENDING and MINED (Histogram)
    • orchestrate_transaction_scheduler_mined_latency_seconds Histogram of latency between PENDING and MINED (Histogram)
    • orchestrate_transaction_listener_current_block: Last block processed by each listening session (Counter)
  • Support for enable/disable metric modules
  • Harmonize and improve logging across all services


  • Ability set a custom keep alive interval for Postgres clients
  • New environment variable KAFKA_CONSUMER_GROUP_NAME to set the Kafka consumer group name

🛠 Bug fixes

  • Incorrect metrics counting for 429 http responses


  • Remove account-generator and account-generated topics
  • Worker services tx-crafter and tx-signer were removed along with topics tx-crafter and tx-sender
  • Jaeger reporting disabled by default
  • Remove support for environment variable ABI to register solidity contract at start
  • Remove support for environment variable SECRET_PKEY to import ethereum keys to key vault at start
  • Remove support for environment variable CHAIN_REGISTRY_INIT to import chains at start
  • Remove support for GRPC contract API
  • Remove API services contract-registry, transaction-scheduler and chain-registry
  • Replace support of kv-v2 HashiCorp engine by orchestrate engine.
  • Environment variable CHAIN_REGISTRY_CACHE_TTL renamed to PROXY_CACHE_TTL
  • Environment variable TRANSACTION_SCHEDULER_URL replaced by API_URL
  • Environment variable CONTRACT_REGISTRY_URL replaced by API_URL
  • Environment variable CHAIN_REGISTRY_URL replaced by API_URL

Migrate steps from v2.5.x to v21.1.x

IMPORTANT ! In order to perform this migration, Orchestrate has to be running on the latest minor version of v2.5.x and been migrated to latest v21.1.x

HashiCorp keys

In order to migrate your keys from kv-v2 engine to orchestrate engine you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Instantiate HashiCorp with both engines enabled: kv-v2 and orchestrate
  2. Initialize the following environment variables:
    • VAULT_ADDR: HashiCorp host URL
    • VAULT_TOKEN_FILE: Disk path to token file valid for orchestrate engine
    • VAULT_MOUNT_POINT: Mounting point of orchestrate engine
    • VAULT_V2_SECRET_PATH: Path where keys are stored in kv-v2 engine
    • VAULT_V2_MOUNT_POINT: Mounting point of kv-v2 engine
    • VAULT_V2_TOKEN_FILE: Disk path to token file valid for kv-v2 engine
  3. Execute command:
    $> orchestrate key-manager migrate import-secrets

Orchestrate Service Data

In previous versions of orchestrate each of the API service data was stored in a independent postgres DB. Therefore to update to v21.1.x you need to import each of service’s data by following the next steps for each of the service DBs you intend to migrate:

  1. Initialize the following:
    • DB_MIGRATION_SERVICE: Source DB service name. Values are: “chain-registry”, “transaction-scheduler” and “contract-registry”
    • DB_MIGRATION_USERNAME: Source DB username
    • DB_MIGRATION_PASSWORD: Source DB password
  2. Execute command:
    $> orchestrate api migrate copy-db
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