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You are reading Codefi Orchestrate development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Register Smart Contracts on the Contract Registry

The Contract Registry stores the following information:

  • Reference, composed of:

    • Name: name as an identifier.
    • Tag: tag as the version.
  • Artifact, composed of the following elements:

    • smart contract’s Application Binary Interface (ABI).
    • smart contract’s ByteCode (used to deploy smart contracts).
    • smart contract’s DeployedByteCode (used to keep track of smart contracts deployed on-chain).

Register a Smart Contract on the Contract Registry:

  1. Automatically: Publishing to the registry during continuous integration pipelines.
  2. Manually: Interacting with the Contract Registry through the following methods:
    • RegisterContract: to upload a smart contract specifying a name, a tag to version the contract, and its corresponding ABIs, bytecode, and DeployedBytecode.
    • GetContractABI: to retrieve ABI of a smart contract.
    • GetContractBytecode: to retrieve Bytecode of a smart contract.
    • GetContractDeployedBytecode: to retrieve DeployedBytecode of a smart contract.
    • GetCatalog: to retrieve the whole catalog of smart contracts on the registry.
    • GetTags: to retrieve the tags associated to one specific smart contract.
    • DeregisterContract: to remove the reference to an smart contract from the registry, but keeping the Artifact.
    • DeleteArtifact: used to delete the Artifact (ABI + bytecode + DeployedBytecode) but not the reference on the Contract-Registry. We recommend to use this method only in exceptional cases-.

Access the Contract Registry using the SDK and the REST API.

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