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You are reading Codefi Orchestrate development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.


If Orchestrate is not working as expected, here are some things to check or try.

Cannot find module while installing SDK

If you are receiving a Cannot find module error when starting the app, try using the following flags with the npm install command. If you are using yarn, use the same flags with the npm rebuild grpc command.

  • --target_platform Pass the target platform (e.g. linux, darwin, win32)
  • --target_arc Pass the target arch (e.g. x64)
  • --target_libc C++ library (e.g. musl, glibc)


More information on node-pre-gyp package’s flags can be found here.

Errors codes

Internal errors are built on top of protobuf and contain:

  • string message describing the error.
  • uint64 error code should be interpreted as five nibbles hex code (e.g. 4096 <=> 01000 and 989956 <=> F1B04).
  • string component indicating in system the error has been raised.
  • map<string, string> extra holding extra information to diagnose the error.


  • 1st & 2nd character indicate class type. (Classes are identifiable on this table in bold, and Error Code has the format XX000);
  • 3rd character indicates a subclass type, within the specified class. (Subclasses are identifiable on this table as the Error Code has the format XXX00);
  • 4th & 5th characters indicate an specific error within the specified class/subclass.


Error 01302, indicates a too high or too low nonce warning. 01 indicates warning class, 3 indicates invalid nonce subclass.

Class Subclass Error Code Condition Comment
01XXX 01000 warning Raised to indicate a warning
01XXX 011XX 01100 retry_warning Error occurred system retries
01XXX 012XX 01200 faucet_warning Faucet credit has been denied
01XXX 013XX 01300 invalid_nonce_warning Exposure to send tx with invalid nonce
01XXX 013XX 01301 nonce_too_high_warning Exposure to send tx with nonce too high
01XXX 013XX 01302 nonce_too_high_low Exposure to send tx with nonce too low
08XXX 08000 connection_exception Failed connecting to an external service
08XXX 081XX 08100 kafka_connection_exception Failed connecting to Kafka
08XXX 082XX 08200 http_connection_exception Failed connecting to an HTTP service
08XXX 083XX 08300 ethereum_connection_exception Failed connecting to Ethereum jsonRPC API
08XXX 084XX 08400 grpc_connection_exception Failed connecting to a grpc API
08XXX 085XX 08500 redis_connection_exception Failed connecting to Redis
09XXX 09000 authentication_exception Unauthorized
09XXX 09001 unauthenticated Invalid credentials
09XXX 09002 permission_denied Operation not permitted
0AXXX 0A000 feature_not_supported Feature is not supported
24XXX 24000 invalid_state System in invalid state
24XXX 241XX 24100 failed_precondition System not in required state for operation
24XXX 242XX 24200 conflicted Op. conflicted with system current state
42XXX 42000 invalid_data Failed to process data
42XXX 42001 out_of_range Operation attempted past valid range
42XXX 421XX 42100 invalid_encoding Failed to decode a message
42XXX 422XX 42200 invalid_solidity_data Failed to process Solidity related data
42XXX 422XX 42201 invalid_method_signature Invalid Solidity method signature
42XXX 422XX 42202 invalid_args_count Invalid args count provided
42XXX 422XX 42203 invalid_arg Invalid arg provided
42XXX 422XX 42204 invalid_topics_count Invalid topics count in event log
42XXX 422XX 42205 invalid_event_data Invalid data in event log
42XXX 423XX 42300 invalid_format Data does not match expected format
42XXX 424XX 42400 invalid_parameter Invalid parameter provided
53XXX 53000 insufficient_resources System can not handle more operations
57XXX 57000 operator_intervention Operator interfered with operation
57XXX 57001 operation_canceled Operation canceled (typically by caller)
C0XXX C0000 crypto_operation_exception Failed a cryptographic operation
DBXXX DB000 storage_exception Failed accessing stored data
DBXXX DB1XX DB100 constraint_violated Data constraint violated
DBXXX DB1XX DB101 already_exists Resource with same index already existed
DBXXX DB2XX DB200 not_found No data found for given parameters
F0XXX F0000 invalid_config Invalid configuration
FFXXX FF000 internal_error Internal error
FFXXX FF1XX FF100 data_corrupted Data is corrupted
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