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Configure Orchestrate Gateway API

Follow these steps to configure and connect to Orchestrate Gateway API dependencies:

  1. Configure PostgreSQL database (mandatory)
  2. Configure Apache Kafka (mandatory)
  3. Configure monitoring (optional). Improve the development experience and debugging.
  4. Configure Multi-tenancy (optional). Use Orchestrate with multiple tenants.
  5. Configure the Chain Proxy cache (optional).

In addition to the dependencies, Orchestrate Gateway API needs to be configured to connect to the other microservices and to define how the service should be exposed.


Configure each microservice using microservice-specific environment variables. Command line options are also available and take precedence over environment variables.


Environment VariableCommand line optionDescriptionDefault
REST_HOSTNAMErest-hostnameHostname to expose REST services
REST_PORTrest-portPort to expose REST services8081
KEY_MANAGER_URLkey-manager-urlURL of the Key Manager HTTP endpoint

CLI options

See the complete list of command line options for the Orchestrate Gateway API:

Run options


Migration options