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Connect Redis cache

Codefi Orchestrate uses Redis as cache system for Nonce management. Follow these steps to configure it when starting the Orchestrate Transaction Sender.


Configure each microservice using microservice-specific environment variables. Command line options are also available and take precedence over environment variables.


Environment VariableCommand line optionDescriptionDefault
REDIS_HOSTredis-hostURL of the Redis serverlocalhost
REDIS_PORTredis-portPort of the Redis server6379
REDIS_USERredis-userRedis username
REDIS_PASSWORDredis-passwordRedis password
REDIS_DATABASEredis-databaseTarget Redis database name-1

SSL/TLS Configuration

In addition to the options above, follow these steps to configure Redis over TLS communication.

Environment VariableCommand line optionDescriptionDefault
REDIS_TLS_ENABLEredis-tls-enableWhether or not to use TLS communication with Redis serverfalse
REDIS_TLS_CERTredis-tls-certTLS certificate
REDIS_TLS_KEYredis-tls-keyTLS Private Key
REDIS_TLS_CAredis-tls-caTrusted Certificate Authority
REDIS_TLS_SKIP_VERIFYredis-tls-skip-verifyWhether the client verifies the server's certificatefalse

When using TLS communication in production, it is not recommended to set redis-tls-skip-verify to true as that will open a breach to man-in-the-middle attacks.