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Connect PostgreSQL database

Codefi Orchestrate uses PostgreSQL as Database Management System. Follow these steps to configure it when starting the Orchestrate Gateway API.


Configure each microservice using microservice-specific environment variables. Command line options are also available and take precedence over environment variables.


Environment VariableCommand line optionDescriptionDefault
API_STORE_TYPEapi-store-typeType of database to usepostgres
DB_USERdb-userPostgreSQL userpostgres
DB_PASSWORDdb-passwordPostgreSQL passwordpostgres
DB_DATABASEdb-databaseName of the PostgreSQL databasepostgres
DB_HOSTdb-hostURL of the running PostgreSQL instance127.0.0.1
DB_PORTdb-portName of the PostgreSQL database5432
DB_POOLSIZEdb-poolsizeSize of the pool0
DB_POOL_TIMEOUTdb-pool-timeoutDuration in seconds for which client waits for a free connection if all connections are busy30s
DB_KEEPALIVEdb-keepaliveDuration in seconds of the tcp_keepalives_interval60s

SSL/TLS Configuration

In addition to the options above, follow these steps to configure Postgres over TLS communication. Codefi Orchestrate supports the following modes for SSL/TLS, see the official documentation for more details:

  • disable: I don't care about security, and I don't want to pay the overhead of encryption.
  • require: I want my data to be encrypted, and I accept the overhead. I trust that the network will make sure I always connect to the server I want.
  • verify-ca: I want my data encrypted, and I accept the overhead. I want to be sure I connect to a server that I trust.
  • verify-full: I want my data encrypted, and I accept the overhead. I want to be sure I connect to a server I trust, and that it's the one I specify.
Environment VariableCommand line optionDescriptionDefault
DB_TLS_SSLMODEdb-sslmodeWhich SSL mode to use (see values above)disable
DB_TLS_CERTdb-tls-certTLS certificate
DB_TLS_KEYdb-tls-keyTLS Private Key
DB_TLS_CAdb-tls-caTrusted Certificate Authority