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You might need to pay a fee when submitting a transaction to the blockchain to cover the computational power used to mine the transaction. The transaction will not be mined if an account does not have enough credit to pay this fee.

You can configure one or more faucet services that use pre-funded accounts to micro-credit accounts when they are created, and when transactions are sent. The faucet funds accounts based on the rules defined during the faucet registration.

The faucet can be used by the Orchestrate Gateway API to micro-credit accounts when:

  1. They are created on the chain being serviced by the faucet.

  2. Submitting transactions. Accounts are funded while the transaction is being processed, if the account has enough funds to cover the gas fee then the transaction is mined, otherwise the transaction may need to be retried after the account receives the funds.


The computational effort needed to execute an operation is measured in Gas, which is paid in Ether or Wei. Wei is the smallest denomination of Ether, the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network.

1 Ether = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei ($10^{18}$).